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Integrative Treatment for Vitiligo

 Objective of leucoderma treatment is to arrest the progression of the disease and also to promote regimentation.
 Treatment is by combining ayurveda, allopathy, homeopathy and simple yoga.
 The first step is a detailed counseling to the patient about the disease and the treatment options available.
 Patients need to spend at least half a day at IAD during the first visit.
 Initially medicine for three months would be prescribed albeit; the duration of treatment is much longer.

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Integrative Treatment for Psoriasis

 Dermatologist and Ayurvedic physician examine the patient and collect the details of illness and past treatment.
 They analyze the prakruthi and vikruthi of the patient.
 Treatment is done on the basis of dosha presentation (dominant symptoms).
 Photo documentation will be done with the consent to note the change in lesion before and after treatment.
 Blood investigation will be repeated for every follow up to monitor the safety of treatment.

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