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Emeritus professor of dermatology, Green Templeton College, Oxford, U.K.

As a well-renowned Dermatologist who believes that a failing skin is a  heavy burden, Prof. Terence J. Ryan has dedicated his life to research and treatment of skin diseases. His contribution to public health is immense, and he aims to provide skincare for all. His belief that modern medicine systems could be combined with traditional medicine systems took him around the globe. He has been spreading his philosophies and coordinating with likeminded professionals to further the cause of dermatological healthcare. By encouraging and supporting new ideas, he has been a progressive influence on many around the world. His work mainly targets the economically and socially backward classes who suffer from dermatological ailments. Professor Ryan is currently Professor Emeritus of Dermatology at the University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University and Churchill Hospital in the United Kingdom. He has been actively engaged with Oxford for more than four decades. He has developed it as the leading Centre of Dermatology. He is the Honorary President of the International Society of Dermatology and Chairman of its Task Force for Community Dermatology, Professor Terence Ryan, and FRCP

Our Mentor is member and Honorary President of the British Microcirculation Society and Director of the Global Initiatives for Traditional Systems (GIFTS). Prof. Ryan is an adviser to the St Francis Leprosy Guild, World Health Organization and the American Lymphoedema Framework Project. In addition, in the past he has been the President of ‘World Congress for Microcirculation’, Chairman of the ‘International Foundation for Dermatology’, Founder of the European Society for Repair and Regeneration and of the British Lymphoedema Interest Group, Head of LEPRA Research Department at Oxford, Chairman of the Medicine Board and Faculty of Medicine. This visionary had sparked the idea of a British Skin Care Nursing Group and the International Skin Care Nursing Group and initiated Community Dermatology in China. Management of Lymphoedema has been his major interest; he has worked extensively on leprosy, traditional medicine, wound healing and international nursing. Awards and honours have adorned the professor for his national and international achievements. The Archibald Gray Medal of the British Association of Dermatology, the quintessential Distinguished Services Award and the Castellani Medal of the International Society for Dermatology December 2013 are only a few among them. He has over 620 publications to his credit in dermatology, international public health and in Lymphology.