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Adapting to change is fundamental to our growth

Adapting to change is fundamental to our growth

Changing policies of the government, such as new companies act in 2013 and its amendments that changed the position of IAD from section 25 company to section 8 company, digitalization, amendments to labour laws, financial acts, goods and services tax etc. are altering the regulatory scenario. This has wide ranging impact on society and institutions, mandating internal policy changes for not-for-profit sectors.

This changing scenario resulted in a steady growth of submissions in several forms to the Government. By the end of this year, we had reached 66 submissions to be completed.  Beginning in 2014, Mr. K.T. Sajith Kumar, our administrative officer, who was at the receiving end of communications, pushed us to adapt to the change. It was also important that his core employees in accounts, pharmacy and reception also followed this adaptation. Government has the global vision for developing a stronger India through the better development of its citizens and institutions; small or large. Error free systems to be developed with inter-operability either through computer networks or other kinds of communications are now the set goal. Sajith was quick to realize this and worked tirelessly to create an internal ambience to adapt to change.

Creating process was the first step. Subsequently, work involved automatic human maintenance of the process. His role in convincing each employee to adapt to change consumed a lot of his official working hours. Responding to communications and completing personal tasks became a late night routine for him. In the eleven years of his service to IAD, a period during which he witnessed the largest changes in the organization, he was part of 23 administrative milestones such as setting up new treatment services, pulverizing unit for own use, establishing a physical library, computer network systems, centre for integrated medicine and public health etc. Management didn’t find it stressful to get our employees adapt to the change because of the sustained motivation provided by Mr. Sajith. He joined IAD as OA (office assistant) and resigned as AO (administrative officer) to take up a Government job.

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