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Benefits of abdominal breathing exercise in the management of Lymphoedema


The use of integrative medicine in the treatment of lymphoedema has always been a hot topic among therapists and doctors. Lymphoedema is caused due to the insufficient draining of the lymphatic fluid, leading to the swelling of the patients arm or leg, sometimes affecting the neck, torso and genitalia too. This may be caused by a variety of issues, including the damage or removal of the lymph nodes. This is where integrative medicine comes into play. Employing healing-oriented methods like abdominal breathing exercises not only helps in the release of the stored lymphatic fluid from the patients limb, but also results in an overall healthier body and lifestyle.

Exercises are the best option to manage this condition. Yoga practices can help to manage and reduce the incidents of lymphoedema. According to the research studies, initial stages may include gentle exercises and one may increase the intensity gradually over time, depending on the abilities and needs of each patient, which in turn decreases the risk of lymphoedema.

Here we suggest you a few of the exercise techniques which may benefit you in overcoming the ill effects of the condition. The, majority of the patients affected with lymphoedema adopt a combination of these exercises in order to get proper well-being.

Stretching Exercises: As the name suggests, this involves stretching out your body parts in order to move the skin, muscle and other tissues surrounding the affected area, which helps to relieve the feeling of tightness caused by lymphoedema. Also engaging in mild yoga is most helpful in promoting flexibility and relaxation.

Deep breathing exercises: These exercises are way too beneficial in returning sufficient lymphatic and venous fluid back to the bloodstream. The downward and upward movement of the diaphragm caused by deep breathing, combined with the movements of the abdomen and the rib cage promotes the general well-being of the body, and proper flow of venous blood back to the heart.

Aerobic exercises: Carrying out aerobic exercises helps in the reduction of weight, encourages deep breathing, which ultimately supports the lymphatic and venous blood flow. Other benefits of performing aerobic exercises include increased muscular strength, decreased resting rate of the heart, having control on your weight and lastly increased return of venous and lymphatic fluids to the system.

Strength exercises: Improves the strength of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and also helps in having control of weight gain.

Other than these forms of exercises people affected with lymphoedema can indulge in activities such as walking, swimming, water aerobics, light weight training or cycling which are proved benefits for the patients of lymphoedema. It is advised not to undergo any high-speed activities such as golf, tennis, soccer or running since these activities may augment the condition of lymphoedema.

Lymphoedema Treatment:

Treatment of lymphoedema involves imparting lymphoedema therapy to the patients to restore proper function, reduce physical and psychologic suffering and to prevent the further development of infection.

Among the treatments developed for treating lymphoedema, few pharmacologic therapies have been researched as the most effective. These medicines when combined with physical therapy, have been proved positive in curing this disease.

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