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The Institute of Applied Dermatology has made great impact by alleviating the disability associated with Lymphatic Filariasisand Lymphedema. Lymphatic Filariasis is among the neglected diseases affecting the poorest population living in unhygienic conditions;hitherto not treatable until IAD developed a new self-care treatment protocol in 2003. Patients from 23 Indian states and 15 nations around the world come to IADseeking Integrative treatment. Tomeet the needs of these Lymphatic Filariasis patients, IAD has to strive to improve its resource readiness.Team IAD focuses on acquiring deeper insights into integrative treatment of other difficult- to-treat skin diseases as well. Pro-bono individual collaborators from around the world share their expertise towards ‘Man Maximum; Machine Minimum’ research at IAD. Their collective effort has evolved evidence based integrative medicine for patients suffering from neglected and orphan skin diseases. Integrative Medicine Research aims to provide high quality treatmentto resource-poor endemic villages having no access to high technology medicine. IAD’s research collaboration has not received any significant grants orfinancial support until today. Services of board-of-directors, founders, individual collaborators,international associates and volunteers are honorary. None of their relatives are employed by IAD nor did the travel money is reimbursed. IAD has never denied service to a needy patient because of their financial constraints. More than 25% of the patients who come to IAD are treated free and generous individual donors have made this possible. A much needed funding to our cause would help us help those who are dermatologically, psychologically and financially compromised.

Institute of Applied Dermatology focuses, mainly, on treating chronic dermatological cases, where patients need long-term treatment. The time frame can easily burden people who come from a poor socioeconomic background. Your financial support will be a great boon to these distressed minds and bodies. Every donation, small or large, will be whole heartedly appreciated. Donations canbe made in person or towards the associated bank account .All your donations to IAD are eligible for tax exemption U/S80G (5) (VI) of the Indian Income tax Act1961 as per C.No.80G-28/CIT/KNR/

Most of the Filariasis patients are in villages disabled by their swollen legs and suffer repeated, additional fever episodes. Many were once their families bread winners. Your donation however small will help us reducing the disability and lost working days of poor elephantiasis patients through treatmentempowerment and training usingselfcare&homebased integrativetreatment. Following this patients are encouraged toresumetheir routine job.The aim is reducing disabilitythedue to swollen legs and frequent attacks filarialof fever so that patients are able tolivefor themselves and less dependent on their family members.

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