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How much Patients Improve?

With Integrative Medicine treatment, significant improvements in the health-related quality of life are recorded in Lymphatic Filariasis, lymphoedema, as recorded by internationally accepted tools. Evidence-based medicine and evidence-based Ayurveda methods are used to integrate Ayurveda Yoga and Diet with Allopathy.

The doctors, nurses and therapists from these systems treat patients together in IAD. The evidence for the efficacy of integrative medicine is published for broader use for the benefit of patients.

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Extracts from British Medical Journal 2015; 350:h2879 on the work of IAD

Positive outcomes of combining biomedicine with complementary and alternative medical systems, such as Ayurveda, in the morbidity control of Lymphatic Filariasis, a tropical disease affecting millions of poor in India, have been recognised even in the allopathic sector. A non-randomised interventional study (conducted by IAD) on community-level morbidity control of lymphoedema in two districts of southern India where Lymphatic Filariasis is endemic showed that self-care and treatments that integrate Ayurveda are possible in village settings. Cellulitis (fever) episodes reduced from 40% to 12.8%