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IAD 10th National Colloquium Inauguration

10th National Colloquium was inaugrated by lighting a lamp by Prof.Terence Ryan, Mentor of IAD,Emeritus Professor of Dermatology, Oxford University, London .Dr . K H Prakash, Founder member of IAD, Director of TB program in Karnataka, Mr. Adi Narayana, Rtd. Forest officer, AP, Antony Bewley, President of Dowling club, UK, Prof. Gail Todd, Prof. Dept of Medicine, University of Cape town, Dr. S R Narahari, Direcxtor of IAD are also present in the event.

Prof. Vaughan Keeley, Consultant Physician in Lymphoedema, Royal Derbey Hospital, UK, Speaking on “Lymphoedema: Medical management”

Dr. S Misra, Plastic Surgeon, formerly professor and head, Department of plastic Surgery at Chidambaram Medical college, Tamil Nadu speaking on “Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention of Lymphatic Filariasis: Surgical Treatment options”

Dr. Chandrakant Revankar, Public Health Medical Consultant, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Former NTD Officer, WHO-SEARO, Consultant Dermatologist, Mumbai, presenting on “Insights into the elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases in India.

Dr. Vaughan Keeley, Royal Derbey Hospital, UK, conducting bed-side teaching of lymphodoema during the medical camp as a part 10th National colloquium. Other world- renowned clinicians from India and abroad also participated in the camp.

Dr. Roopa Kamath, Ayurveda consultant, IAD, presenting on “Nutritional values and Ayurvedic reasoning of local cuisine served during the 10th National Colloquium”.

Dr. Donna Thompson, Consultant Dermatologist, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, UK, presenting on Hyperpigmentation disorders

Dr Mark Goodfield, Consultant Dermatologist, Dowling club , London,UK, presenting on “Connective tissue diseases”

Dr. Hemant Barghav, MBBs,MD(Yoga and Rehabilitation), Assistant professor of Yoga, NIMHANS, Banglore, presenting on “Yoga for better care of mind-related diseases”

Dr.Jonathan Kentley, Chelsea and Westminister Hospital , NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK, presenting on “Herbal dermatology research in the UK”

Dr.Faraz Ali, Dowling club,London, Uk, presenting on “Scar Scarcoid”

Mr. N A Nellikunnu, honourable MLA, Kasaragod formally inaugurating 10th National Colloquium on 18/2/2020. He also appreciated the work of IAD and mentioned that there is no other institution like IAD

A book “Medicine and Body Image: Resource planning for the poor” authored by Terrance Ryan has been released by Dr. Bupendhra Tripati,Country Lead-Elimination Programs,Neglected Tropical Diseases, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,New Delhi. Other important dignitaries can also be seen on the stage

Ms. Nidhi Kamath, 6th standard student from Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kasaragod donated her pocket money for canteen to S. Janardhan endowment fund for poor filariasis patients of Institute of Applied Dermatology. Mr. P K Dutta, Chairman, Systopic Laboratories Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi has donated Rs. 6,00,000 towards this fund from his personal account.

Dr. Anthony Bewley, President, Dowling Club, Dr. S R Narahari, Director, Institute of Applied Dermatology, Dr Bhupendra Tripathi, Country Lead, Bill and Milinda Gate Foundation, Prof. Anup Thakar, Director, Institute for Postgraduate Teaching & Research in Ayurveda, Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar, Prof. Terence Ryan, Emeritus Professor of Dermatology, Oxford University, London and Dr. Nandini K. Kumar, Former Deputy Director General (ICMR), Vice President, Forum for Ethical Review Committees in India, were present during the occasion.

S. Janardhan endowment fund is an initiative of Institute of Applied Dermatology, to provide financial support for poor lymphoedema patients.

Dr. Anthony Bewley,President, Dowling club, London, UK, presenting a memento to Dr. S R Narahari, Director of Institute of Applied Dermatology and presenting a book on pshycodermatology to Dr. K S Prasanna, Director of Institute of Applied Dermatology

Dr. Bupendra Tripathi, Country Lead-Elimination Programs,Neglected Tropical Diseases, Bill and Millinda Gates Foundation,New Delhi, presenting on “ Accelerated plan for the Elimination of LF in India and opportunities of MMDP integration in the program”

Prof. Anup Thakkar, Director, Institute for post graduate teaching and research in Ayurveda, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, presenting on “ Evidence-based Ayurved Therapeutics”

Prof. Terrance Ryan, Emeritus Professor of Dermatology, Oxford university,London, presenting on GAELF and Care attitude

Dr. Tanya Bleiker, Consultant Dermatologist, University Hospitals of derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust,UK, presenting on “Contact dermatitis”

Dr. Abi Parajasingham, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, UK, presented on “An iron man in a velvet glove:intravenous iron an unusual cause of skin pigmentation”

Dr. Ashima Lowe, Dept of Dermatology,Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, Wales, UK, presenting on “Pachyonychia congenita”

Dr. Mansoor Ali, Associate professor, Department of Case taking and Repertorisation, Govt Homeopathic College, Calicut, presenting on “Homoeopathic management of skin disease related to mental generals”

IAD’s Dermatology nursing team interacting with patients to assess teir Quality of life issues. Patients shared their experiences before and after treatment in IAD.

Prof. Gail Todd,Dermatology Department University of Cape Town, South Africa, presenting on “African AD,Skin complications of cultural practices, why is it not what it seems to be”

Dr.Sisir Kumar Mandal, Associate Professor, Department of Roga Nidana and vikriti Vigyan, All India Institute of Ayurveda(AIIA),Delhi, presenting on “ Role of treating ‘Mans’ in the management of skin diseases”

Dr. K. H. Prakash, Director,TB Programmes Karnataka Health Promotion Trust, Banglore, presenting on “Community engagement for the dissemination of integrated treatment protocol for Lymphatic Filariasis”

Team IAD.