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Lymphatic Filariasis is a neglected tropical disease that effect the poor population in the developing countries. India has the largest burden of this disease estimated 25 million people are disabled due to this. We strive to help such people in terms of providing financial help for their treatment and after-care. It has been IAD’s policy to treat every patient who walks in with warmth and care regardless of his social and financial status. About one-fourth of the patients, of economically weak sections, receive treatment at IAD under the sponsorship from generous donors. To continue this legacy, this year IAD has launched S. Janardhan Endowment fund since April,2020.

S JANARDHAN endowment fund is an initiative of the Institute of Applied Dermatology using the generous donation of his wife who lives in Bangalore. The accumulated amount under this fund will be used to treat Filariasis and Lymphoedema patients who require financial support, subject to our screening criteria.

We sincerely appeal to each one to participate in this noble cause wholeheartedly. We would appreciate your contribution, which would go a long way in treating underprivileged patients who come here to seek relief.  Your patronage is significant in continuing our work in helping to treat a previously neglected disease.  We would be grateful for this gesture and so will the thousands of patients who can benefit from your contribution to enhance the quality of their lives.

If we can understand that no amount is small and small drops can add up to create an ocean, any act of kindness through a donation can’t be small . We have several donation options to meet the needs of our generous contributors. You can donate in cash or through cheque/digital transfer.

# Particulars Amount
A Contribution to S Janardhan Endowment Fund
B Contribution to Treatment
  •  Treatment for Lymphedema patient (Grade 2)
Rs 30000
  •  Treatment for Lymphedema patient (Grade 2 late)
Rs 45000
  •  Treatment for Lymphedema patient (Grade 3)
Rs 70000
  • Carry home medications
Rs 5000
  •  Follow up treatment-1 day
Rs 1100
  • Compression bandages
Rs 2000
C Contribution to IAD Centre(Building Fund)

All donations carry income tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act

Our Bank Details

# Donations Bank Details
A S Janardhan Endowment Fund Bank :Syndicate Bank
Branch : Kasaragod
Address:  Bank Road, Kasaragod -671121
Account  Name : S Janardhan Endowment Fund
Account No : 42042190003664
Account Type: Saving Account
RTGS/IFSC code:  SYNB0004204
B Contribution to the Treatment Bank :Axis Bank
Branch : Kasaragod
Address:  Bank Road, Kasaragod -671121
Account  Name : Institute of Applied Dermatology
Account No : 912010030897651
Account Type: Saving Account
RTGS/IFSC code:  UTIB0000601
C Contribution to Building Fund Bank :Axis Bank
Branch : Kasaragod
Address:  Bank Road, Kasaragod -671121
Account Name: Infrastructure and Building fund
Account No : 913010008092915
Account Type: Saving Account
RTGS/IFSC code:  UTIB0000601


Mr. P.K. Dutta , Chairman, Systopic Laboratories Pvt. Ltd, Launching S Janardhan Endowment fund during IAD’s 10th National Colloquium
Dr SR Narahari, Director, IAD and Prof. Terence Ryann Emeritus Professor of Dermatology, Oxford University, London are seen in the picture

School Girl Nidhi Kamath contributing to S Janardhan Fund

In the above picture seen are (Right to Left):
P.K. Dutta , Chairman, Systopic Laboratories Pvt. Ltd,
Dr. Bhupendra Tripathi, Country Lead – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
Prof. Anup Thakar Director, Gujarat Ayurved University,
Dr. S.L. Hoti Scientist G, Regional Medical Research Centre (ICMR),
Dr. T.A. Bailur Director IAD,
Dr SR Narahari, Director, IAD