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Our Integrative Treatment Approach

Diagnosis is the cornerstone for any successful treatment. In IAD diagnostic section for identifying disease is very strong. It is based on the considerable experience of our dermatologists and supporting team of health workers. Although technology-based diagnostics are crucial these days, they are often available in only a few places, even in cities. IAD’s cumulative person-hours of knowledge are more than 65 years in dermatology. In addition, we consult our international collaborators in case your disease is challenging to us.

It takes time to arrive at the correct diagnosis. The exceptionally detailed story of the illness, past failed treatments and prescriptions of hospitals you visited earlier is essential for our team.

So, on arrival, our team of nurses and doctors spend time with you to understand the illness. Subsequently, chief dermatologists examine you. We, therefore, request your co-operation with all our team members.

IAD’s programmes are unique because we attempt to relieve those chronic patients whom any one system could not cure of medicine. Institute functions in a poor‑resource setting and isolation from academia and extensive modern medical facilities. However, our experience, teamwork and attention to details made us leaders in managing the most complex cases

Our small team, which do not have celebrities as great achievers, works as man maximum; machine minimum “whole-brained” approach. Our team has social empathy and shares knowledge and experience with colleagues and patients. Therefore our treatment may look strange to some people who are used to visiting impressive, high rise buildings for treatment

We diagnose skin diseases described in the textbooks. We also identify rare diseases. Some common treatments provided in our setup are

  1. Lymphedema
  2. Lymphatic Filariasis
  3. Vitiligo
  4. Chronic Wound
  5. Venous ulcers
  6. Psoriasis
  7. Atopic dermatitis
  8. Warts
  9. Verruca Vulgaris
  10. Varicose Vein
  11. Urticaria
  12. Tinea versicolor
  13. Tinea Incognito
  14. Tinea Cruris
  15. Tinea Corporis
  16. Tinea
  17. Lichen Planus Pigmentosus
  18. Lichen planus
  19. Keratoderma
  20. Keloid
  21. Molluscum contagiosum
  22. Polymorphous light eruptions