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Our R & D Collaborations

The IAD is an internationally acknowledged centre of excellence for the morbidity management and disability prevention of Lymphatic Filariasis and other lymphoedemas in resource-poor primary health care and challenging setting. It pioneered clinician-led bedside integrative medicine by combining therapeutics of Ayurveda & Yoga with Biomedicine. The team IAD leads the integrative medicine sector by providing patient-centred care and education to meet the needs of chronic diseases. IAD is among the world’s leading lymphoedema centres and 28 interdisciplinary experts and support staff work in this institution. The IAD collaborates with Indian and International experts

IAD’s original works are:

  • A new integrative treatment protocol for Lymphatic Filariasis (2004) was developed with a research grant from Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment,
  • Standardized image acquisition techniques for Vitiligo in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,
  • A protocol for the systematic review of Ayurveda publications,
  • Original papers on adverse effects of griseofulvin
  • Identified a new clinical sign in pure neuritic leprosy and reported a new adverse effect of griseofulvin
  • Developed searching methods for scattered ayurvedic literature in 2010 and updated it in 2015,
  • Structured clinical methods for ayurvedic dermatology in 2008 and updated it using SPIRIT guidelines (2016)
  • Determined the types of collagen up-regulated in lymphedema skin

Current Research Projects:

  • The clinical audit of the integrative medicine treatment data of Lymphatic Filariasis, Vitiligo, Chronic Leg Ulcers and Integrative Diet Therapy; a funded project of WHO- SEARO, New Delhi (completed: the report is under peer review)
  • Digital transformation of organization’s patients and process data
  • Genetic studies on lymphoedema patients from endemic regions of Lymphatic Filariasis (halted after COVID pandemic)
  • Indocyanine Green Lymphography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging for assessment of skin, subcutaneous tissue, lymphatic vessels and lymph drainage in filarial lymphoedema before and after integrative medicine treatment (halted due to the COVID travel restrictions)