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Leg Ulcer

The treatment of Leg Ulcers or chronic wounds depends on the cause and location. Chronic wounds take months to heal completely. When an ulcer doesn’t heal for a long time, patients and family members find it difficult to cope with the situation. This situation affects their routine work and quality of life. The pain, discharge and inability to participate in the family and social gatherings cause severe mental agony to the patient. Clinicians at IAD look for chances of wound healing and work with patients and their family members to help support them.

The major causes of chronic leg ulcers are varicose veins, smoking, diabetes or any neglected deep-seated wounds. The healing process is prolonged and impaired, usually remaining in the inflammation phase for a long time or healing slowly.

While treating these chronic wounds we begin eliminating the infection by initiating appropriate antibiotics selected based on culture and sensitivity testing. We keep gauze soaked in herbal-mineral oil, on the wound bed for a few days until it debrides the wound and fresh granulation tissues appear over the moist areas of the wound bed. Along with allopathic treatments and general measures such as compression bandages and foot end elevation, ayurvedic and homoeopathic medications are administered orally. There are 84 types of topical medications, 33 oral medications and 60 procedures narrated in Ayurveda. IAD brings together a team of medical professionals experienced in Ayurveda treatment for wounds, and allopathic wound care treatment and we are also on the primary list of consultants who offer chronic wound treatment in India.