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Vitiligo, is a non-contagious pigment skin disorder where pale to white patches appear on the skin surface. Vitiligo usually starts as small spots and then spreads to other parts of the body giving white colour. The course and severity of the disease or extent of body involvement differ in each patient.

At the Institute of Applied Dermatology, vitiligo is treated with an integrative medicine protocol. We provide phototherapy or only allopathy treatments to those who do not wish to take integrated medicine.

Following are the steps of treatment

Complete ayurvedic assessment helps to predict the possible response. If you are anxious about the disease, privately reveal it to the doctor. Homoeopathy treatments help to improve the control over the one’s mind. The dietician gives a complete menu of what to eat and what not to eat for the entire week.

Allopathic chief dermatologist discusses and finalizes the protocol for the disease.

Note: Our treatment requires frequent repeat blood tests when you arrive for consultation. So, please do not get blood tested before arrival. Often, we will have to repeat.