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I am the only son to my parents. My father expired when I was 10 years old. Since then my mother is looking after me. Previously my uncle used to help my mother. Repeatedly when I started getting ill he also stopped coming to my house. When he got married and started looking after his own family he started neglecting me .I joined a printing press as a book binder. For one year I was given the responsibility of binding and then they posted me to the field for supplying the books to the stores. Damage to the skin while cycling caused discharging ulcer and repeated fever .I had to remain in bed for long and lost my job. Several times I planned to kill my mom and commit suicide.

By looking at my condition a sales man at one of the book stores gave me an old newspaper where I read about IAD. With that paper we came to Kasaragod 3 years back. When I entered IAD I saw few north Indian people with very heavy limbs sitting and chatting happily. I was nervous, but as soon as I finished first round of discussion and counseling I was feeling lighter.

I underwent 14 days of treatment during which the staff and doctors trained me and my mom. On the day of discharge they told that I have 22.5% reduction. But for me it was like 100%. After 6 months of treatment I met a similar girl from my own state with the same story like mine. Later I also learnt that IAD found a sponsor to support her treatment cost. With the support of IAD team I married her. Now both of us help each other to continue the home treatment. I am back into my job and my wife is also working.

I am writing this story because, it was a rebirth for me,



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