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Development of Protocols for Evidence Based Ayurveda Pertaining to Dermatology and sexually Transmitted Diseases

Funded by NSTMIS division of Department of Science and Technology Govt. of India

  1. To subject the literature on evidence based traditional medicine pertaining to dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases (HIV in particular) published from India to meta analysis.
  2. To e-publish (in public domain) the distinct protocols to conduct evidence based clinical research on traditional medicines pertaining to dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. To identify the knowledge gap among investigators conducting research in traditional medicine.
  4. To develop a course material and conduct training programmes on research methodologies for evidence based traditional medicine.
Major achievements of the project
  1. Created a search engine for Ayurveda research publications
  2. Developed a protocol for systematic review in Ayurveda treatments
  3. e-publication: A bibliographic data base having the framework for future expansion of the data base www.systematicreviewsinayurveda.org
  4. Assessed the knowledge level of Ayurveda investigators
  5. Outline training programme to involve volunteers for more systematic reviews.
  6. Publications from the project
    • Evidence based approach for Ayurvedic traditional herbal formulations Toward in Ayurvedic CONSORT model. Journal of Alternative and complementary medicine 2008; 14 769-776
    • Sharing biomedical journals in India.Current science, 2009;96:8
    • Conducting literature Searches on Ayurveda in PubMed, Indian and other databases. Journal of Alternative and complementary medicine
    • A protocol of systematic Reviews of Ayurveda treatments
    • Three other manuscripts are in preparation.