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Integrative Treatment for poor Lichen Planus Patients

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It is a common itchy skin disease observed all over India. The patients have pruritic, raised lesions that are often violaceus in colour. Lichen Planus is usually not harmful and may get better with treatment. However it may last for weeks to months, and may come and go for years. It usually clears up within 18 months. If Lichen Planus is caused by a medication, the rash should go away once the medicine is stopped. Many people get Lichen Planus. This disease can develop on one or several parts of the body. It can appear on the skin or inside the mouth. Sometimes, it appears in both places. Lichen Planus can even change appearance of a person’s finger and toe nails. It can also appear on the genitals or a person’s scalp.

  • Some medicines can cause a rash that looks like Lichen Planus.
  • These medicines include diuretics (treatment for high blood pressure and heart disease) (treatment for high blood pressure and heart disease) and medicine taken to prevent malaria
  • The most common cause of Lichen Planus in the mouth is filling the tooth cavity with metals. Replacing the metal filling with a non-metal filling will get rid of the Lichen Planus.
  • A rare type of Lichen Planus, familial bullous Lichen Planus, runs in families. Other forms of Lichen Planus do not seem to run in families.
  • There may be a link between Lichen Planus and infection with the hepatitis C virus. Many people with hepatitis C also have lichen planus

Most dermatologists have experience in treating this disease. However the challenge is to manage a recurrent disease and in those patients who have associated diabetes and/or high blood pressure. This is because the Allopathic treatment for this disease is mainly immunosuppressive or steroids. IAD’s integrated treatment is useful in conditions where the immunosuppressive and steroids cannot be administered on those patients who have associated diabetes or hypertension, etc. The treatment is given on the basis of local examination and study of the body constitution. Antihistamines of Allopathy is co-administered to control itching during the treatment period.

Following are some of the images that were compared with the base line images of patients who took our treatment in Kasaragod.

Proposed Patients to be treated in a year  20
Total Project Cost  2,13,140
Contribution by the patient  23,100
IAD Contribution  47,500
Request for sponsorship  1,43,640