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Integrative Treatment for poor Other Chronic Dermatoses Patients

In general many diseases of the skin remain chronic and pose challenges to patients IAD held four national symposiums attended by international experts to discuss integrated medicine for identified chronic diseases that could be benefitted by complementary and alternative medicine. Integrated systems are applicable to few of the defects.

We have found success on urticaria, wart, Chronic wound and lupus. We are accumulating data of patient’s responses to integrated medicine on many other diseases in the list.

Lot of such patients come to us seeking medical help as they are fed up with doctor shopping.We have developed protocols to treat these patients inarder to improve the Quality of life and help them to lead normal life.

Proposed Patients to be treated in a year  20
Total Project Cost  2,20,060
Contribution by the patient  22,000
IAD Contribution  56,500
Request for sponsorship  1,41,560