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Integrative Treatment for poor Psoriasis Patients

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Psoriasis is a highly visible, long-lasting skin disease. Psoriasis is visible on the skin in the form of silvery white scales that can sometimes be very itchy. In patients suffering from psoriasis there is abnormal cell regeneration where the cells embedded in the epidermis regenerate much faster than in normal individuals and stack up on the surface of the skin. The white, silvery scales of Psoriasis are so distinctive that it is relatively easy to diagnose. Where the scales are not evident, as often occurs in people who bathe and scrub frequently, scratching the lesions will show the typical scales and bleeding pinpoints, which are characteristic of the disease. In many cases, the nails may also show peculiar changes. There may be pitting or the nails may be thickened, yellowish or opaque, with ridges and scales heaped up at the free edge. Some people get more than one type of Psoriasis. Sometimes, a person gets one type of Psoriasis, and then the type changes. Scientists have learned that a person’s immune system and genes play important roles. It seems that many genes must interact to cause Psoriasis. Many people say that their Psoriasis began after they experienced one of these common triggers:

  • A stressful event
  • Throat sore or in cold dry weather
  • Taking certain medicines, such as lithium or medicine to prevent malaria
  • A cut, scratch or bad sunburn

IAD’s integrative treatment includes procedure based therapies of Ayurveda, which cleanse the body along with internal medications and symptomatic treatment modalities of Biomedicine. Many patients are stressed due to the diseases. To treat stress, we use the homoeopathy medication & counseling techniques. We analyze the disease presentation supported by photographs. They are evaluated on the basis of dosha presentation after defining them using Allopathic and Ayurvedic approaches.

Proposed Patients to be treated in a year  24
Total Project Cost  2,48,280
Contribution by the patient  31,680
IAD Contribution  81,360
Request for sponsorship  1,54,080