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Treating Hemiplegia based on scientific evidence through Randomized Controlled Study using NavaraKizhi

Hemiplegia is a neurological disease that affects the function of one-half of the body. Damage to the central nervous system is the major cause of hemiplegia. There is gradual wasting of muscles and decreased functional ability in hemiplegia, and in other neuromuscular disorders. This is a condition which slowly leads to paralysis of one-half of the body. Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD) offers excellent Ayurveda treatment for hemiplegia.

Ayurvedic treatment for hemiplegia

In the Ayurvedic explanation, the neurological disease that affects one-half of the body is termed as ardhangaroga (ardha is half; anga is body parts, roga is disease). It is considered to be caused by an imbalance of vathadosha (responsible for motion and perception of smell) leading to signs and symptoms comparable to hemiplegia. In Allopathy long-term physiotherapy is recommended for management of patients with hemiplegia.

Ayurvedic Treatment has an  option to effectively treat hemiplegia. Hemiplegia affects muscle actives of one side of the body because brain’s nervous control of that area is lost due to the disease. The symptoms of hemiplegia differ from person to person, based on the magnitude of the disease in that individual. Difficulty in balancing and walking, favouring to one side of the body, muscle stiffness and weakness are some of the common symptoms of hemiplegia. Once the condition is diagnosed, and acute management of Allopathy is done the treatment has to start at the earliest to recover the muscle function.

Ayurveda emphasizes nourishing therapy in the form of pinda sweda (pinda- bolus and sweda -to sweat) used to counter the wasting of muscles. The Ayurvedic procedure of Navarakizhi (a form of pinda sweda), nourishes muscles in ardhangaroga. In this procedure, Navara rice (grown for 60 days in Wayanad areas of Kerala) is cooked, and tied in a cloth to form a bolus or pinda. The pinda is then used for a full body hot massage.

Our studies at IAD have shown that this procedure provides a nourishing effect to the persons suffering from hemiplegia. The drugs and procedures selected for treatment stabilize the movements in patients and nourish the body to achieve vathadosha alleviation.

Treatment protocol

  • Counseling the patient and the family to explain the disease, physiology, treatment, and possible outcomes.
  • Baseline Ayurvedic and physical evaluation by consultant Ayurvedic doctor and physiotherapist to assess the severity of the disease and to decide the intervention.
  • Necessary laboratory investigations like full blood count, haemoglobin percentage, post-prandial blood sugar, liver function test, renal function test, urine examination, and electrocardiogram etc.
  • 14 days Pinda sweda using Navara rice (Navara Kizhi) along with internal Ayurvedic medications.
  • Supervised home care with periodic follow-ups schedules

The major aim of the treatment is to bring back the mobility of the body. Internal, as well as external medicines are used in Ayurveda for hemiplegia treatment.

IAD is an effective treatment provider for hemiplegia in Kerala. We have a unique set of treatment methods to treat the condition and we offer Ayurvedic treatment for hemiplegia at Kasaragod, Kerala. With constant research and experience in the field, we understand the possibilities of Ayurveda to treat hemiplegia. Our medical experts use Ayurvedic treatment to improve the bulk of the muscles and thereby strengthening its ability to support body movements