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Special Homeo clinic in IAD provides successful treatments for the following complex problems

Incontinence of Urine

Middle aged and elderly women with multiple deliveries increasingly suffer from urgency and lack of control on micturition resulting in incontinence of urine. Majority of these patients report this when they approach the clinician for getting treated for other complaints like arthritis, gastritis, loss and premature greying of hairor stress. These women unless probed in detail do not reveal the complaints of urine incontinence as the primary symptom. Majority of these patients also have stress. Homeopathy for incontinence is a trusted way to treat the condition. A detailed and systematic case taking is essential to understand and treat their problems. It is also important to understand obstetrics and gynaecology history of the patient before we treat the urine incontinence. Probing on the details on sexual organs is part of homoeopathy case analysis and essential to control urine related problems.

Bed wetting

The complaints of bedwetting in children can be treated in specialty clinic in IAD. The situation is very much embarrassing to the patient as well as the parents when their child of school going age has bed wetting complaints. The bedwetting treatment in Homeopathy is a solution for the condition. Several such cases from 3 years to 20 years of age have been successfully treated by homoeopathy in IAD.

Sexual Dysfunction

Male sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction is the commonest problem both in newly married couple and people at their fifties. Loss of libido is another condition that affects the working class of people. Especially among people who are away from home for long. Generally it is influenced by emotional, psychological and social factors. Many times this condition leads to unhealthy relationship and divorcers. Nevertheless people also exposed to unwanted effects of over thecounter drugs and develop co morbidities .Both in Ayurveda and Homoeopathy there are several effective treatments. Vajikaranachikithsa is a well-developed branch in traditional Ayurveda. Apart from specific treatments, physicians in IAD counsel the patients partners to get the better outcome. At the same time strict confidentiality is also maintained while dealing with such cases.

Infantile Masturbation

Infantile masturbation is an embarrassing condition for the parents especially the mother as it causes stigma and found in children of any age. These behaviour episodes range from one to several times in a day and the child goes into deep lethargy and sweating. Repeated and forced preventive measures by the parent leads to the child seeking privacy to do this.

In IAD Homoeopathy physician spends long hours with these patients and their parents to understand the disease and prescribe the correct drugs based on the totality of symptoms (TOS). Besides a psychological counseling to the patients as well as the parents to overcome the disease and to take corrective measures is emphasized.

Several such cases have been successfully treated in IAD and today we are one of the primary Homeopathy Clinics in India.