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The primary mission of the Institute of Applied Dermatology is research and application of integrative medicine, combining the benefits of biomedicine (allopathy) with ayurveda, homoeopathy, yoga and other traditional Indian medicine systems, to the treatment of neglected and difficult-to-treat skin diseases. IAD collaborates with research institutions and individuals locally, nationally and worldwide to attract overall attention to the field of integrative medicine. IAD aims to be the premier contributor of applied research and treatment in this field. The institute also seeks to make a significant social impact by driving the concept of health awareness into the local community by working with government bodies.

IAD is a success story of volunteerism. Doctors, scientists, para medical experts, social workers and intellectuals from around the world contribute their time, knowledge and expertise to shape the programs of this not-for-profit research institution. IAD is an institute where the best of modern medicine is combined with established traditional healing practices. Every patient who visits receives treatment irrespective of his or her financial status. About one fourth of the economically backward patient population receives free treatment. The rest receive some form of assistance from IAD. Studies/research conducted here have immensely benefitted, physically and psychologically, patients suffering from chronic skin diseases and Lymphatic Filariasis.